Training in verbal communication in the educational and scientific field (biomedical profile). 2 part

Author:T.V. Shustikova, I.A. Voronkova, O.A. Gurova, N.V. Zhurkina, Ju.V. Karpova, N.Zh. Hamgokova, E.N. Shorkina

Type:Teaching materials

Genre:mixed genre


Publisher:RUDN University

Print year:2018


The manual is intended to work at the pre-university stage of teaching the Russian language to foreign students of medical specialties. Its goal is to form the communicative-subjective competence of students in the field of educational and scientific profile-oriented communication. The course is based on material from texts on general biology and anatomy. The selection and organization of lexical and grammatical material and the system of proposed tasks provide an interconnected development of skills in all types of speech activity - listening, reading, speaking and writing.