History of Russia: Textbook for foreign nationals (rus)

Author:M.N. Moseykina, A.V. Dolzhikova, R.A. Arslanov, V.M. Kozmenko, N.M. Rumyantseva, I.S. Guseva

Type:Teaching materials

Genre:mixed genre



Print year:2020


The textbook is intended for foreign nationals studying history of Russia. It was developed by a team of authors in accordance with the objectives of the modern migration policy of the Russian Federation, which provides as an important element the creation of conditions for the adaptation and integration of foreign nationals in the new sociocultural and linguistic environment, as well as the formation of their intercultural communication skills. The textbook includes a review of the themes on history of Russia, a list of the main historical dates, events, concepts, names, as well as questions for fixing the material covered and sample tests for self-assessment.