Innovation Management in the State Sphere and Business: Textbook

Author:V.F. Ukolov, V.A. Galayda, S.S. Mazin, K.V. Soloviev, T.G. Bogatyreva

Type:Teaching materials

Genre:mixed genre



Print year:2021


The electronic textbook was prepared at the Department of Digital Enterprise Management, Graduate School of Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship (Institute), Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

A special feature of the electronic textbook is its exposition brevity and focus on breakthrough development technologies. It reveals the fundamental foundations of innovative management, which are derived from the Russian culture and economic management way of the Russian people, as well as modern technologies of innovative management that are adequate to the strategic plans of transforming the activities of business and the state. Innovative management in the state sphere and business, as well as ensuring their interaction in the interests of the multinational Russian people, is considered. 

The textbook is linked to an electronic dictionary, in which each chapter is exposed in executive summary and accompanied by the terms used in it. All terms are presented in alphabetical order, which is easy to learn. 

The textbook is intended for university students and postgraduates, civil servants, politicians and public figures, as well as for business structure proprietors and business headers.